Amazement, discovery, entertainment:

there’s so much to do at the Domaine des Etangs Bleus!

A nature reserve of more than 15 hectares, with observation shelters and an educational trail, has been set up in our meadows just by the forest to discreetly observe animals in their natural habitat. Enclosed by the forest, these pastures have become a privileged place for the local fauna that comes here to feed, rest and even reproduce.

This discovery area is combined with a wide range of fun and educational activities:

servings both as a line of departure and a waypoint for informed travellers, the forest of Laigue, contiguous to the field, has paths that will delight any sportsmen and hiking amateurs.

according to the themes and season

(up to 20 kg) 12 € - 45 min (on reservation)

(dwarf goats, donkey, horse and wild animals), feed and care workshop 1h with one of our healers - 12 € (on reservation)

4€ - 45 min

volley ball, board games, cards and many others available at reception

The partners of the Domaine des Étangs Bleus also have plenty of things in store for you: tree climbing, first flight experience, first-time pony ride, sports and water sports, golf, horse riding… There’s something for everyone!

Blend nature with culture

The region is rich in places steeped in history and culture. From the Palais de Compiègne to the Carrières de Montigny, through the Compiègne Wagon and the Cité des Bateliers, cross different ambiances and eras according to your curiosity!

You will find more details on all the activities available at the Domaine and its surroundings at reception. Feel free to let us know of your interests while booking.